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Beach House

We have to stop by the Beach House Restaurant at least once for lunch and cocktails during our visits in Marbella. If you are looking for the best location right on the beach to enjoy some delicious food and drinks this is your go-to.

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Old Town Of Marbella

My whole family went on a surprise trip to Spain for my father’s birthday. That day we were strolling through the old town of Marbella and just enjoyed the weather. We found a small tapas bar and grabbed a bite to eat - they had

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Snow Walk

A few days ago we took a snow walk. We were enjoying the sun and the freshly fallen snow. It looked just beautiful how the snow twinkled magically in the sun. It was still pretty cold, so I grabbed my cozy wintercoat to keep me

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In The Woods

Best thing to do when you are thinking too much and need to clear your head: Go for a walk in the woods! I am very thankful, that there is one just 5 minutes away from me, so I can take a break from work

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Welcome to the blog

I wanted to start the new year with something very new for me - a blog! As I am always on the hunt for the beautiful things in live, I wanted to create this blog as an outlet for the things I love. I am