Spring Sneakers

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Comfy clothing like sweatpants and sneakers have never been so fashion since the 80s when hip-hop began to get popular. It’s hard to deny that this is probably a result (one of many) of the lockdowns the past year. Anyhow I picked out the cutest and fanciest spring sneakers for you.


Sneakers will still stay chunky this year and I linked you the ones in the prettiest colors. Yellow, green and purple are definitely the most loved colors this year and if you’re looking for more fashion pieces in these trend colors feel free to check out this post.


I hope you guys had a great week so far! Thank you so so much for stopping by!

Spring Sneakers. Fashion and Style Blog Girl from Heartfelt Hunt. Girl with blonde hair showing this year’s favorite spring sneakers.
Spring Sneakers. Fashion Blogger Girl by Style Blog Heartfelt Hunt. Girl with blond hair showing this year’s favorite spring sneakers.

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