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Today I want to talk with you about something serious! (I spoke these words yesterday on my Instagram stories and decided to repost it here on my blog.)


I’m usually a shy and cautious person (even though it might not seem this way sometimes). I would also say that I’m quite a sensitive and empathetic person.


That’s why I wanted to say something regarding the protests against racism, that are taken place especially in America but all around the world now, which were set in motion by the killing of George Floyd. This is the reason why many accounts posted a black picture on Tuesday on social media (so did I). 


It made me very sad to see how big accounts with many followers went right back to business after posting this without even addressing the issue.


This black picture is not meant to be a trend. It’s supposed to be a statement of solidarity as well as a pause to educate ourselves and to think about the whole issue. What can each and every single one of us do and change, so this won’t happen again.


I decided for myself: In the future I will speak up and won’t let my shyness come in between, when I hear somebody say something racial. I will address the person and I will let her know my opinion. It’s important not to be silent and to speak up now!


And please don’t think this is only an American problem. This is definitely not true! 


I just want to say although I may not reach a lot of people with my account… Every single person counts! It matters that you act, that you speak up when something’s wrong and use your voice! It’s not about forcing your opinion onto others. It’s about not being silent!


It is also important to teach our children the right values! I’m sure we all want our children to grow up in a society, which is not driven by hate!


As a mom I often think about how much I already worry about my kid and when I think about mothers, who have to worry about their children “just” because of the color of their skin or where they were born… I can’t even imagine what they are going through! This is outrageous! 


Please help to make this a better place and speak up when you see injustice!!!

(By the way the picture is an old picture of me. It was taken in 2017 with our little girl still in my belly. I thought it’s perfect for today’s post)


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