Headband Hairstyle. Fashion Blogger Girl by Style Blog Heartfelt Hunt. Girl with blond hair and straw headband wearing a white t-shirt and leather culottes.

Headband Hairstyle

Since I’m in love with this headband hairstyle lately and I already posted two looks (here and here), I wanted to dedicate a whole post to it. I’m going to show you how to style the headband in three different ways. The first look is very

Fringe Jacket. Fashion Blogger Girl by Style Blog Heartfelt Hunt. Girl with blond half-up half-down hairstyle wearing a fringe jacket, black top, destroyed jeans, floral bag and shoes.

Fringe Jacket

I found this fringe jacket a few years ago at H&M during their summer sale and of course I fell head over heels with it. When I re-discovered it in my closet a few days ago, I felt so happy and had to wear it

Lazy Days

The past week Clara, Markus and I were all sick and I’m telling you - being sick with a baby is veeery different from being sick without kids… :) But I don’t want to complain, since I feel unbelievably blessed to have this little munchkin

DIY Fringe Sweater. Fashion Blogger Girl from Heartfelt Hunt showing her diy for a fringe sweater.

DIY Fringe Sweater

This DIY for a super cute fringe sweater is so easy and the only things you need is a sweater, some yarn and a scissor (and maybe a crochet needle). First thing you do: Think about the length you want for your fringes, double the length

1 Scarf – 4 Hairstyles

Today is all about scarf hairstyles! I created these four super cute hairstyles with just one scarf. And the best part: Since they all differ from each other, I think there’s something for everyone! :) At first I created this half-up half-down hairstyle with loose curls.

Inspiration Must-Have Straw Bags. Fashion and Style Blog Girl from Heartfelt Hunt showing some inspiration for her must-have straw bags.

Inspiration – Must-Have Straw Bags

Let’s talk straw bags! I spent a lot of time putting together my absolute favorite and must-have straw bags for you guys.
 The (in my eyes) most classic one is the straw tote bag. I am pretty sure almost everyone has an example like that at

Studded Accessories. Fashion Blogger Girl by Style Blog Heartfelt Hunt. Girl with blond hair and a scarf hairstyle wearing studded boots, studded heart bag, Ray-Ban sunglasses, volant top, denim skirt and a belt.

Studded Accessories

Okay, so this is my favorite spring outfit this season (for now ;) ) - not only because it includes ruffles and especially my new studded boots, but also because it includes a lot of vintage pieces. The other studded accessory is this super cute

Floral Wrap Dress. Fashion Blogger Girl by Style Blog Heartfelt Hunt. Girl with blond pigtails wearing a floral wrap dress, denim shorts and mules.

Floral Wrap Dress

Clara and I spent the weekend at my parents‘ house and what can I say - the weather was just perfect! It felt like a little summer vacation in the countryside. We spent our time by chilling in the sun, sipping some coffee (well, Clara

Inspiration Spring 2018 Favorites. Fashion Blogger Girl by Style Blog Heartfelt Hunt. Girl showing light pink sweater, belt with hearts, sneakers with hearts, phone case with heart, red skirt, striped sweater with heart, light pink boots, red sneakers, light pink overall, purse with heart, blouse with hearts and red heels.

Inspiration – Spring 2018 Favorites

I picked out my „Spring 2018 Favorites“ for you. Actually I think every piece is a must-have this spring / summer season. Blouses like this one with these cute tassels are just perfect - you can easily wear them on cooler days and they

Hello Spring. Fashion Blogger Girl by Style Blog Heartfelt Hunt. Girl with blond, high messy bun and a yellow scarf in her hair wearing a t-shirt with polka dots and yellow sweater.

Hello Spring

Hello Spring! Sooooo nice to finally meet you again! We missed you so much and are more than excited to feel the warm sunlight on our cheeks, to hear the birds cheering us on our bikes and to see the trees’ blossom. :) I am a