Collage of clothes and accessories in pastel colours for some Easter family occasions


It’s Easter in a few days and I’m pretty excited about it. We will have a family lunch and our three nieces are going to be there too. It’s always so cute to have them around us and I’m sure it will be fun to

Smiling blond fashion and style blogger girl in closeup view wearing an oversized jacket, black hat, sunglasses and a black and white scarf

Black Patterns

Last Sunday was a beautiful day and we decided to take a long walk. Although the sun was out, it was pretty freezing - we both instantly regretted not bringing any gloves with us. Since the wind was so strong, it almost blew away my

Smiling blonde fashion and style blogger girl in closeup view wearing a teddy bear coat with hood in a winter wonderland

Teddy Bear

Alright, I admit it - I am one of those people, who are really really into snow. I love how everything gets softly covered by it and the world looks like a fairy tale. But it is the beginning of March and I am longing

Blonde fashion blogger girl with sunglasses, oversized scarf and camel coat standing in front of a gate

Camel Coat

Here are a few pictures from our visit to Munich's Viktualienmarkt last Saturday. We always love to stroll through the market and enjoy the last sun rays of the day. I love how the light is so soft during these late hours. Before we head

Blonde fashion and style blogger girl in closeup view with braided half-up half-down hairstyle and lace top

Lace Top

This outfit is quite simple as I’m wearing only black and white, but the lace top adds a feminine touch to it. At the moment I’m falling for lace. Lace is somehow always upgrading an outfit, I think.

Blonde fashion and style blogger girl sitting on stairs, wearing a lace dress, Michael Kors bag, Rayban sunglasses and adidas sneakers


Before we headed home from Spain we visited the Rastro - which is Spanish for flea market. It's actually more a weekly market on Saturday around the bullfighting arena. I love to go there, as the market is pretty versatile. You can get almost everything

Collage of romantic clothes and accessories for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day

This weekend we came home from our Spain trip and we are already back to our daily routines. I hate it when the normal work life starts again! ;-) Valentine’s Day is coming up, so here are some romantic clothes and accessories I love…

Smiling blond fashion and style blogger girl with high ponytail wearing a dark-blue lace dress, denim jacket and sunglasses

Beach House

We have to stop by the Beach House Restaurant at least once for lunch and cocktails during our visits in Marbella. If you are looking for the best location right on the beach to enjoy some delicious food and drinks this is your go-to.

Smiling blonde fashion and style blogger girl wearing a colorful, yellow dress and sunglasses in the beautiful old town of Marbella

Old Town Of Marbella

My whole family went on a surprise trip to Spain for my father’s birthday. That day we were strolling through the old town of Marbella and just enjoyed the weather. We found a small tapas bar and grabbed a bite to eat - they had

Smiling blonde fashion and style blogger girl with orange beanie, plaid scarf and oversized winter coat in a beautiful, snowy scenery

Snow Walk

A few days ago we took a snow walk. We were enjoying the sun and the freshly fallen snow. It looked just beautiful how the snow twinkled magically in the sun. It was still pretty cold, so I grabbed my cozy wintercoat to keep me