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Fringe Shawl

A little while ago, during our stay in Spain, we had a few cloudy days and decided to go on a road trip into the countryside towards the mountains. The vegetation around Málaga with its palm trees and cactuses on the one hand and its

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Pizza Date

When we heard that there will be an Eataly in Munich we were very excited, as we both are food nerds. :-) Eataly is specialized in fine Italian food - you can buy high-quality groceries there and you can also sit down, relax, have a

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Paris Day III

The third and last day in Paris was just beautiful - I woke up with sunrays tickling my face and started the day by opening the window, embracing the view of the Parisian neighborhood and getting warmed by the sun. It’s amazing how beautiful weather

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Paris Day II

Our second day in Paris was surprisingly cold. The weather forecast predicted sun and 20°C, but actually it was windy, rainy, cold and about 10°C the most. So I put on almost every layer I brought with me - ha! ;-) First stop this day was

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Paris Day I

Bienvenue à Paris! We spent the last weekend in Paris and it was just beautiful!!! We arrived Friday at noon and explored the neighborhood around the hotel by foot. There was a great restaurant called La Verre Volé, where we had lunch. The menu included

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Ombre Easter Eggs

I found the idea of these Ombre Easter Eggs on Pinterest a little while ago and decided to give it a try. The eggs I’m usually buying are white, which I thought is super convenient for colouring light blue eggs - well, that’s what I

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Before we headed home from Spain we visited the Rastro - which is Spanish for flea market. It's actually more a weekly market on Saturday around the bullfighting arena. I love to go there, as the market is pretty versatile. You can get almost everything

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Beach House

We have to stop by the Beach House Restaurant at least once for lunch and cocktails during our visits in Marbella. If you are looking for the best location right on the beach to enjoy some delicious food and drinks this is your go-to.

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Old Town Of Marbella

My whole family went on a surprise trip to Spain for my father’s birthday. That day we were strolling through the old town of Marbella and just enjoyed the weather. We found a small tapas bar and grabbed a bite to eat - they had

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Welcome to the blog

I wanted to start the new year with something very new for me - a blog! As I am always on the hunt for the beautiful things in live, I wanted to create this blog as an outlet for the things I love. I am